"Oh remember, remember . . . I urge you to find ways to recognize and remember God's kindness."

President Henry B. Eyring

Monday, February 18, 2008

Ordinary People

I had the most extraordinary dream last night. It seemed to last for hours and in such great detail! Ron and I were visiting Aunt Mame’s house after it had been restored and opened to the public. It was so large, and we marveled at the changes. It was just filled with memorabilia and at the end of the tour you could buy copies to help offset the cost of the restoration.

The extraordinary thing about the dream, was that as the tour guide moved us from room to room she taught the values of hard work, honesty, etc. of the couple who had built the home. In the dream they began to blend with Ron’s other grandparents the Fairbourns and some of the rooms looked like their house. But, then the entire church was celebrating these people. In all the wards they were having anyone who was descended from them speak in church. I marveled because these people were not prophets or famous public servants, just good ordinary people. Ron, Krisiti, Brian, Julie and Becky as well as little Becky and Ammon all participated and they were each amazed that they would be asked to do this.

The amazing thing about the dream was the feelings that it left me with. This morning I still feel a sense of deep gratitude that my husband and children are descended from such a noble family! And, I am a little amazed that these people were being so honored not for some extraordinary large scale public achievement, but for simply being good!

I am reminded of Elder Packer’s last conference talk when he said that the common good people in the church are the same in the Lord’s eyes as the highest leaders! I need to read this talk again, because most of the time I feel so insignificant! I wish I could express the profound feelings of honor and respect these people and “our family” were receiving for simply being good honorable people!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Variety of our Bounty

I was at the store today buying fresh fruits and vegtables. As I put the beautiful oranges, apples and bananas into my cart I looked around at all the variety of wonderful foods we are priveledged to have. I felt a sudden surge of gratitude to our Heavenly Father for this amazing bounty! What a wonderful time in which we live.
I could not help but remember when I was a little child . . . and oh, how I loved fruit. I could NEVER have it except in the fall when I could pick it from a tree. My best friend and I would ride our bicycles to the banks of the canal in West Jordan, then climb the abandonded fruit trees that grew along it's banks, and make ourselves sick eating apricots and green apples! My bike was a very, very old one we found in my Grandmother's garage. My friend Pauline helped me paint it with flat grey wall paint, you know to improve it. We both thought it was just beautiful even though the rude boys in the neighborhood relentlessly teased me about it. Just know that I'm pretty sure I have large leg calfs to this day from riding that broken down thing.
I also felt a surge of gratitude for Ron. He works so hard and takes care of me so wonderfully well. I am a very blessed woman indeed!