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President Henry B. Eyring

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Third Trimester of Missionary Service

I wanted to share with y'all a letter I just wrote to the Taylor's,(center) a missionary couple who served in our zone at the institute, who have recently returned home. It's a little update on our mission!

Dear Elder & Sister Taylor,

It was good to hear from you. We miss you. The Shanz's were transferred way down south and we aren't going to institute on Wednesdays, so we feel pretty isolated from other senior missionaries. We have invited the new Senior Institute couple to go to Dallas if the weather EVER warms up in North Texas.

A mission is really hard. It looks like we are in Gainesville for the duration. We have been in this ward for a year now, and members are calling Elder Holt "Brother Holt" now. Our ward stretches about 70 miles wide and forty or so miles long. I've (Sister Holt) started to get carsick, so when we get home we are NEVER going on a road trip EVER!

We have visited every, I mean EVERY member and less active too many times to count. But with that all said, we have had some wonderful and amazing experiences. Child birth is a good analogy and we are definitely in the third trimester, and admittedly (though we feel a bit guilty for it) we look forward to birthing this baby and going home. Elder Holt says this is so different than being a young Elder with only his own agenda to worry about. We do miss our children, and especially our grandchildren who still keep asking when we will be home.

Sometimes we envy your set schedule in institute. We really feel like "hunters and fishers" of the honest in heart. It would be a nice change to have someone else set a schedule for us. But we sure love The Lord, and this is a small price to pay for all that He has done for us. We never stop marveling at the privilege and honor and RESPONSIBILITY that is ours to be missionaries for our Savior! As you know President Ames is amazing, and the young missionaries are too. They are such righteous, pure sweet ambassadors. We learn soooo much from all of them! We absolutely adore the sweet you Sister Missionaries in our ward that we work with! We count this whole experience a choice and blessed time in our lives.

Thank you for your kindness and friendship. Your smiles and warmth have always made us feel loved and wonderful. We are certain that you are a great blessing to your family and friends back home. It was wonderful to hear from you!

Love, Elder & Sister Holt

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