"Oh remember, remember . . . I urge you to find ways to recognize and remember God's kindness."

President Henry B. Eyring

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Reflection

My thoughts on this historic election. I think it's wonderful that a Black American has been elected. I think it's wonderful that old prejudices are melting away. I remember when we heard the news that all worthy males could hold the priesthood! What a happy wonderful day that was. I ran across an old diary I had kept. (I've not been the most consistent journal keeper.) After hearing a speaker, the summer just after high school while I lived in California in 1968, I came home and wrote that I felt the blacks would receive the priesthood soon. Ten years later they did, and it was a wonderful day!

Now I'm happy that prejudices are melting, but I am also sad. I'm sad that this historic first is shadowed by President Elect Obama's frightening ideology and association with radical people. I'm worried about the direction in which he wants to take our country. I also feel sad for all the black people, and young people celebrating today who do not understand the true providential history of this nation. I'm sad that his promises of "saving everyone" sounds so like the adversaries plan in pre-existence. I pray that President Elect Obama is really just a sincere young man who does love this country, and is not just a young man hiding his radical motives simply to get elected and then impose them on innocent and trusting people. I will pray for him, and for our nation, and for the wonderful people with whom we all share this great land of promise!

May God Continue To Bless America!

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